Amazon Prime Valentines (That make you look like a total Pinterest Mom)

Remember Valentine’s Day as a kid? Your mom probably sent you to school with 24 character valentines in that little cardboard box. You’d write a name on each one, fold it in half on the perforated line, and stick it closed with the heart stickers included. If you were really lucky, your mom would splurge for the ones with a lollipop, and all your classmates would get super pumped when you put a heavy valentine in the handmade mailbox.

Nowadays, the stakes are higher. You see one of your friends posting on Facebook about the valentines she’s starting to craft 2 weeks beforehand. It involves baking, glitter, a Cricut machine, and a full page photo cutout of her kid holding said baked good. You look at the calendar. CRAP. It’s February 10th. You start to tell the kids to get ready to head out to the store when it hits you. AMAZON PRIME. You can stay in your PJs AND still craft a valentine like one of those Pinterest moms!

I realize using Amazon Prime isn’t exactly as great as supporting local small businesses, but sometimes we have to allow for a little two-day shipping in our lives. And…I do get a little commission from Amazon if you use my links, so I guess you could say part of your purchase goes to support a local family. Not to worry. I have another post planned with more local valentine ideas for those of you who would like to step up the Vday game and are also willing to leave the house. 

Each of these Valentines have only two steps:

Step One: Click BUY IT NOW.

Step Two: Click PRINT.

Before we start, here are some extras you might need to add to your Amazon cart to jazz up any of these valentines. The Washi tape is the best because you can simply stick the gift to the printed card, and it’s done!


I’ve got my eyes on you!

You know every kid is going to be walking around the classroom with these on after these fun valentines are handed out. It’ll be the perfect photo op! Simply buy, print, and assemble. Sadly, the heart shape won’t ship in 2 days, but the 80s style are just as fun!

Free printable card here!

I hope your Valentine’s Day packs a punch!

Who doesn’t love the ol’ punch balloon? Forget the candy! If I was a kid, this would be my favorite valentine. Who am I kidding? This would be my favorite as an adult too. It’s very therapeutic.

Buy balloons here and they’ll be at your doorstep in two days. You may want some clear party bags as well.

Print the adorable card here.

I’m wild about you!

Remember tearing through those paper Valentines looking for the best stuff that came with them? Might as well give the kids something they’ll save! The flinging lizards would be a sure hit. By the way, I don’t think these are only boy valentines. Girls like stretchy creatures too!

Print the Valentines here- 3 styles to choose from!

Hope you have a colorful Valentine’s Day!

This could be used with crayons, highlighters, gel pens, whatever! You could tie up a few with twine or put the whole thing in a bag and top with this card. Here’s the printable!


I’m crazy for you, Valentine!

Crazy straws are the BEST. Here’s your printable from Ginger Snap Crafts.

You’re the balm!

The girls will go crazy for this one or this one! It’s cute and useful, especially in February in upstate, NY. If you get the tube chapstick, stick it onto the printable with Washi tape!

Hope your Valentine’s Day is a ball!

Trust me, the teacher will love you for this one. 😉 Print the topper here.

Simple and meaningful tradition

My mom is so thoughtful. She used to wrap up a little something for me to open the morning of Valentine’s Day. It was usually a cute pair of pjs with hearts all over, and I always loved that tradition! As I was on the hunt for Amazon Prime valentines, I got sidetracked looking at a few cute traditions for Vday and thought I’d share! Isn’t this SO sweet? 

I know. I totally have to do this. Here. Add the supplies to your cart while you’re at it:


Hope this helps save you a few bucks, a trip to the store, and also scores you points with the little ones. Have any other ideas for quick and easy Prime valentines? Send ’em our way! 

Easy Valentine Ideas Guys Will Love

I admit, I was much more creative with gifts for the hubby in past years. Now I’m busy planning the baby’s outfit and photoshoot for Valentine’s Day, and I need something quick to let him know he still has a spot in my heart even though I’m pretty obsessed with the newest little Valentine in my life.

Here are three ways to win your guy’s heart this Valentine’s Day: 1. Beer. 2. Food. 3. Socks. (How do they get holes in those things SO quickly?) And the best part is…you can find each of these things locally, which means you can show some love for our community at the same time!

Up first, BEER.

We are beer connoisseurs in this house, so I know I can never go wrong if I pick up a good brew like this one from Argyle Brewing Co. (And they were super sweet when we showed up with a baby in tow.) We have plenty of options for good beer locally, and this crafty (pun intended) Valentine couldn’t get any easier to make! 

Print these beer-themed Valentines and stick them to your beer bottle or growler. You could print with a home printer and use tape or a glue stick to attach them over the existing label, or if you want to get really fancy, print them on actual labels to stick on the bottle. 

{Like the shelf in the background? Shout out to Adirondack Upcycled for that beauty.}

Next, FOOD.

I love this idea for giving him a couple of big ol’ muffins! I’m thinking Rockhill Bakehouse might have the perfect, giant muffins for your hunny if you’re not into baking. 

Here’s a similar printable for your muffin.

Or, you could order 6 specialty cupcakes and chocolate-covered strawberries from Baked by Jordan. She is running a Valentine’s Day special, so place your order now. ($25 for 6 of each) What a treat! 

6 Cupcakes & 6 Chocolate Covered Strawberries from Baked by Jordan!

Here’s a printable for the cupcakes!

And last, SOCKS. 

Because what guy doesn’t need socks? Mine wears his down as soon as he gets them. Stop by Fountain Square Outfitters for a quality pair, and tie them up with some twine and this adorable Valentine.

What are you and your sweetheart planning for Valentine’s Day?