The Coffee Shop Awards

Confession: I’m a coffee shop addict. As a teenager, my time was spent lounging around a table with friends, sipping on endless refills of Joe. In college,  I would spend hours in a booth listening to that quiet coffee shop hum as I typed up a paper on my laptop. In adulthood, I still do my best work in coffee shops. I’m not about to give up this obsession as I enter into Mommyhood! I will find a spot to park that stroller, and I’ll do whatever it takes to raise my little buddy as a coffee shop connoisseur. Each shop has a different personality of its own, a different purpose, and a different reason for visiting. Hopefully these Coffee Shop Awards will help you choose your next hang out wisely.


Tastiest Treats: Spektor Coffee

140 Glen Street, Glens Falls

The award for the most decadent homemade goodies and rich lattes and brews goes to Spektor Coffee! If you haven’t stopped in yet, let’s see if this convinces you. For breakfast they offer french toast, something called a Bruleed Bowl (YUM!) and a banana Nutella crepe among other luxurious treats, most of which are homemade. They even have smoothies for the little ones!

Best Place for a Meetup: Spot Coffee

221 Glen Street, Glens Falls

Spot Coffee has the best location when you need a lot of space or you want a nook to call your own for a stretch of time. Strollers could be fairly easily navigated here, and there are lots of different options for seating. You’ll find couches, tables, and even a side room that feels semi-private from the rest of the shop. There’s almost always an open seat. You could push a few tables together to accommodate a large group, and they have a lot to choose from on the menu for both kids and adults.

Most Flavorful Brews: Cool Beans

2 S Western Ave, Glens Falls

297 Saratoga Ave, South Glens Falls

280 Quaker Rd, Queensbury

I won’t try to say Cool Beans has the best coffee because I know coffee opinions run strong. I will say Cool Beans has a way of incorporating flavor into coffee that isn’t overwhelming and doesn’t taste like it’s loaded it up with a bunch of sugary syrups. They have several flavors to choose from each day, including decaf for you pregnant & breastfeeding mamas. South Glens Falls has a drive through window for Moms on the go!

Best Lunch: Rockhill Bakehouse

19 Exchange Street, Glens Falls

You might have to wait a few minutes for a seat here during peak lunch hours, but if you’re looking for a soup, salad, or sandwich, this is your place. During the off hours, you can linger a little longer and check out the selection of books to borrow, board games, and if you’re lucky someone might hop on stage and play a little tune while you’re there. Rockhill has a very special laid back, local vibe not to be missed!