Date Night at Farmstead Flatbread

Somehow every date night we end up spending so much time leaving instructions about the baby, prepping bottles, and laying out pjs, that we completely forget to make dinner plans! We end up in the car, driving around, asking each other over and over what we’re in the mood to eat, neither one of us decisive enough for an answer.

We passed Glens Falls and continued driving north on Route 9 while we tossed around ideas. I was about to suggest giving up on dinner and going to Martha’s for ice cream when I spotted it. We probably would’ve passed by without noticing anything out of the ordinary, but I’d read about a new restaurant in the old Sutton’s store.

Farmstead Flatbread has a reputation for good pizza, good wings, and good beer. Since that pretty much sums up our interests and hobbies as a couple, (someday I’ll tell you about our brewery-themed wedding) we knew we had to try this place.

When we first walked in, I was shocked. I’d been to breakfast at Sutton’s many times. I remember strolling at a painstakingly slow pace behind my mom in the gift shop for what felt like hours as she looked at every. single. trinket. I silently prayed if I kept quiet, I would eventually get a truffle from the bakery counter. I even saw Rachael Ray in the bathroom once.

Now I hardly believed this could be the same place! It’s open and rustic and fun with a hipster flair. Think metal chairs, lots of wood, and cafe lights. I’m pretty sure Rachael would still approve.

The Pizza

We were seated directly in front of the wood stove, which I worried would be hot and sort of awkward because the chef was cooking right next to our table. It was the opposite. I didn’t feel the heat, and watching the cooking process was one of the highlights of our dinner.

The chef even called a few kids over to get a closer look at the oven. (Not Hansel and Gretel close though, don’t worry!) He explained the process to them and answered my question about how many pizzas he loses in the oven a night, which is surprisingly not as many as I would’ve thought.

The other family-friendly perk is that the food came out in no time. The kids can order, watch it go into the oven, and see it pop out a few minutes later. Oh, and the food is sourced locally. Check the chalkboard in the dining area for the featured local ingredients.

The Beer

I’d rate myself slightly beyond novice when it comes to craft beer, but my husband is a tried and true beer geek. He took one look at the beer selection and called this his new favorite place. Later when we were sitting at the bar, I asked him to rate his top 3 craft beer bars north of exit 17, and this placed. It has a nice mix of local beer and unique beer from all around.

The Other Stuff

A few random things I loved about Farmstead Flatbread:

  1. They had live music on a Thursday night, which added to the whole vibe. 
  2. They hold something called a Bluegrass Brunch on Sundays, and that sounds phenomenal. 
  3. The back of the bar is made out of a vintage pharmacy case, which is simply awesome for us people who have a weird obsession with throwback furniture.
  4. They are on, which notifies you as the beer selection is updated! It’s a beer nerd thing.
  5. There were a lot of people in flannels, and flannel-wearing people always have a good time.
  6. The wings. Just trust me. Chipotle Maple.

Have you tried Farmstead Flatbread? What did you think?

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5 Reasons Why I Love Glens Falls

You may have heard Glens Falls was named the best city in New York State for a successful 2017. Even though the article referred to it as Glen Falls (yeah, we’ve heard that one before), it points out GF is affordable and has been awarded a revitalization grant. Beyond that, there are so many other reasons to love this charming little city.

The beautiful historic buildings

Photo by Jason Checkla Photography

Next time you’re waiting in traffic at the circle, instead of turning up the tunes to drown out the noise in the backseat so you can review your to-do list in your head, look around and play a game of “I Spy” with your kids. If you’re on Ridge Street, you might spy an old clock on City Hall, built in 1900. Or you could point out the beautiful brickwork on the D.H. Cowles and Co. Building. They might be interested to know the original building on this corner burned in one of the three major fires in Glens Falls. If they want to know more, plan a trip to the Chapman Museum to visit the DeLong House and learn about the history behind our city.

The Farmer’s Market and Take a Bite

Strolling around the summer market on a beautiful Saturday morning, you’ll find fresh veggies, flowers, locally-produced products, and activities for the little ones. Refill your gallon of Battenkill milk, taste a crepe from Dickinson’s Delights, and pick up some fresh flowers for your kitchen table. We don’t have to miss out on these goodies in the winter because the market is held inside Sanford Street school. Find more information here.

Photo from Glens Falls Farmer’s Market

If you haven’t yet experienced a Take a Bite on Wednesday nights in the summer, it’s a must try! Local eateries set up booths with samples of food, dessert and drinks. Bring some cash because each sample costs a few bucks, but you’ll walk away feeling full after trying out all the local bites! The kids will love walking up and down the streets, and there’s often a band and other fun activities happening in conjunction with the food. On a nice night, the streets can be packed, but you’ll find lots of other moms navigating strollers since everything is held outdoors.

Photo from Shirt Factory GF

The beer

On your next date night, tour a few of the breweries and restaurants serving a variety of craft beer. Downtown GF has quite a few options now! Almost every place you stop is serving up good brews. Download the Untappd app to log your opinions about your tastings. Need a driver? Check out the Hoppy Trails Brew Bus! Here are just some of the restaurants and breweries boasting unique taps.

Crandall Library

Grab a coffee, head into the library, and find a quiet nook to read for as long as you like. Bring your toddlers to the playroom, your young ones to go on the computers or read to a therapy dog in the children’s area. Your teen will love the room where only young adults are allowed. If it’s been a while since you’ve visited the library, take another visit. If books aren’t your thing, check out the DVD selection and look through magazines. Stop by the bulletin board to read about upcoming events at the library, including the infamous book sales where you can score books for almost nothing. We’re lucky to have this community hub downtown.

Photo by Jason Checkla Photography

Supporting Small Businesses

I could write for hours about the shops, restaurants, and activities run by local business owners. (Oh right, that’s the point of this blog!) As a small business owner in Glens Falls, I had the chance to talk to the people of our area daily, and I know they want to keep our businesses thriving. Whatever you do downtown, you can feel good knowing your money is going back to help our city.