Best Dressed Baby (on a budget!)

People constantly ask me where I shop for the baby’s clothes. I’m a little biased, but I’d have to say he is a pretty adorable little model! So…I’ll let you in on my shopping secret. You have to be willing to dig around, get a little dirty, and have the ability to schmooze. (That’s actually a word, by the way. I had to look up the spelling.)

Consignment shops. Consignment sales. Garage sales. Online garage sales. 

{Oh, and Instagram, but that’s not cheap, so I’ll save that for another post.}

That’s it! I got all my good finds digging through bins and bins of baby clothes.

Now, I was pregnant during the summer, so I had way too much time on my hands to get my little October baby’s closet prepped. Garage sales are probably the most work because they’re so hit or miss. I had plenty of misses. But, you might end up hitting the jackpot like I did when I pulled up to what I can only describe as some sort of mansion just after the sun came up on a Friday morning. (This is the BEST time to go, by the way.) There were rows of untouched bins of baby boy clothes. “Oh, he never even wore half of these!” admitted the mom, who looked like a clothing designer herself. Score!

Consignment shops and consignment sales are a little easier to navigate. You’ve got enough of a selection here to know you’ll find something in the size you need, and they usually have quality standards, so everything will be in good condition. 

Of course, load up on the Dreft and wash it all once or twice when you get home! I bought lots of different sizes and spent at least a week sorting everything into plastic bins, washing and folding neatly so it would be ready to go when baby needed it. (Boy, am I glad I did that before the baby arrived! People warned me I wouldn’t have this kind of time on my hands ever again, and they were totally right.)

This upcoming weekend is huge for consignment sales in our area. They’re bringing out the spring & summer gear just in time for the season change over. The tricky part is the competition factor. (If you’re like me, though, that’s what makes it so thrilling!) Every mama within a 30 mile radius with an interest in a bargain will be at these sales.

Want a head start? Enter to win 2 presale passes to the KTNS sale. Where’s your favorite thrifty spot?

Kids' Exchange Consignment Sale

April 29th

9:00-12:30 SALE OPEN
12:30-1:00 SALE CLOSED

This shopping blockbuster features over 20,000 new and gently-used items, including: maternity; kids' clothing sizes 0-16; toys & games; books; DVDs and gaming; play kitchens and train tables; sports gear; room decor; cribs & strollers; baby gear and furniture; and LOTS more! Free admission, free all-you-can-bounce, free face painting and pony rides. The sale is cash only. Visit the website at for all sale information. Sale proceeds benefit non-profit organizations.