Sip & Canvas Mother’s Day Giveaway!

Raise your hand if you were bummed when you read that Sip & Canvas in Glens Falls would be closing!  Luckily, one of the instructors, Robin, decided to take over the business starting in May and will keep the painting (and sipping) going into the foreseeable future! 

They’ll be in the same Glens Falls location and are accepting gift cards through April before the business changes hands. To celebrate this new beginning, we’ve teamed up to give away 2 seats to a May class! Check out all the paintings offered in May, including a few family paint nights when the kids are invited too.

I admit, I’m famous for stick figures and having to label my drawings. I figured there was NO WAY my canvas painting would look anything like the picture on the calendar, especially if I was going to be drinking wine at the same time I was expected to be creating art. (On second thought, maybe that would help?)

Anyway, the instructors at Sip & Canvas are amazing. They somehow walk you through the whole experience and explain each step in a way that makes it totally do-able. The studio itself is inspiring- you’ll feel like a real artist when you take a seat in a stool in front of your own painting station. Bring a friend or two, and it’s a night to remember. Don’t worry about taking a selfie, they’ll gather your group for a photo to commemorate the evening!

Who would you bring to a night out at Sip & Canvas? Where would you go for dinner before your painting sesh? Comment below for extra entries in the giveaway. Happy Mother’s Day, ladies!

17 thoughts on “Sip & Canvas Mother’s Day Giveaway!

  1. So wonderful that such a fun venue is remaining open! I’ve never been to a sip and canvas event!

  2. My daughter she has never been and thinks it would be a waste of her money because she wouldn’t be able to paint anything nice or wall worthy. Morgan and Co. or maybe Harvest

    1. I know exactly how she feels! I didn’t think I’d ever hang mine on the wall either…but I did. 🙂

  3. I would take Deb Galcik- Taylor and we would have sushi next door just like we did the last time we came! And we would split a bottle of wine to “sip” ?

  4. I would take Deb Galcik-Taylor and we would eat sushi next door just like the last time we came. We would also share a bottle of wine to “sip” while we paint ?

    1. Great choice! My hubby gets that huge sushi boat for himself…which is always quite the scene, haha!

  5. I love sip and canvas…and am so glad they are not closing. I would bring my daughter with me…(my best friend) and I could see us going to Morgan & Co. for dinner prior to painting. She is graduating from college the day before Mother’s Day so a double celebration !!

    1. I love that your daughter is your BF..that is the most special bond! I feel the same about my mom. Morgan & Co. is such a treat.

  6. I would love to bring my husband, we don’t get out very much, so spending a night would do us both good. We would probably eat at Morgan & Co. considering that we haven’t been there either!

    1. Julie, Morgan & Co. is SO delicious. You must try the candied spare ribs if that’s your thing!

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